Congratulations and welcome to the club, you’re a Bakfietser now!

We’ve created a Bakfiets crash course for all of our newbies, so you know what you need to bring and what to expect from your first lesson. Aan de Bakfiets! (Lets go! - see, we even give you free bonus Dutch lessons.)

Before the workout

Check the weather 700 times like any good Dutchie would, not that it matters, we’ll be training anyway. But it does help you pick the perfect outfit. We recommend layers, like an onion. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear.

Bring water, not champagne, protein shakes are allowed. Wear your flattest trainers, it’s better for your technique (save the platform heels for the dancefloor).

We know it’s hard, but TRY and get there 5 minutes before the workout starts, and let the trainer know that you’re new. Don’t worry they don’t bite, and if they do, bite back.

During the workout

We start with a warming up. 

Then we get the party started. The trainer will explain and demonstrate the exercises before we get going. Try to focus on the trainer instead of the view, sometimes that’s harder than it sounds. You can take a selfie after the workout!

We finish the workout with either a HIIT set or a short meditation. 

The afterparty

You did it! Lesson 1 = CHECK!

Do a little victory dance or give yourself a high 5, whatever floats your boat.

Be kind, leave your weights behind. Put them back where you found them. Easy peasy.

NOW you can take a selfie.

Drink water.

Go home!

Join us

Or as we say in Dutch: “Aan de bak(fiets!)”

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